We are passionate about creating with you, not just for you.

A facilitated Discovery conversation helps us to understand more about you, your mission, your aesthetic, your passion points and your narrative. In Discovery we “find what moves you” and shape ideas together about content and strategies that will propel your mission forward.


Content is only as good as your plan to deliver it.

Let’s face it, you can have the coolest car in the neighborhood but if its hidden in the garage or the gas tank is empty - no one is going to know about it. Strategies to deliver, maintain and build on what we are creating together is vital. Whether a single project or a years long collaboration tinyEngine shapes a strategy with you on how to deploy your creative.


We are ready for our close up! Are you?

tinyEngine delivers imaginative, innovative, relatable content to clients looking to bring the “why” about their work into their messaging. Even a single image can reflect your core values, your passion points and your mission. tinyEngine scales our team of creatives in alignment with your goals, deploying a team of creatives who believe in the power of connectivity and community.

A nutshell

tinyEngine is a creative constellation. We leverage what’s new and great about the shared economy. We are built differently than a traditional “brick and mortar” Marketing Agency. We provide the traditional services you have come to expect, without the “5X factor” of covering the overhead common in the old agency model. We believe even better work can be created in collaboration with our clients and by passing those savings back to them for their use. Our clients pay for our art, our work and our passion –not our furniture.

“Let’s find what moves you” – tinyEngine


Commercial, Industrial, Narrative.


Sleek imagery and layouts

Public Relations

Strategies, Press Releases, White Papers, Articles


Design, Layout, Copy, Implementation & SEO

Coaching & Strategy

Coaching, Campaigns, Messaging


Logos and Materials to reflect your brand




Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email content and strategies

What is a Creative Constellation?

A Creative Constellation is a network of vendors, designers and creatives brought together by tinyEngine to support your campaign or project. After Discovery, your tinyEngine Creative Director chooses, from our roster of highly skilled Creatives, the most appropriate team members for your vision, aesthetic and goals.

How is a creative constellation managed?

Your tinyEngine Creative Director manages every aspect of the team working on your content or campaign. Every step of the process from design to delivery is additionally coordinated by a team lead at tinyEngine with Project Management experience in their designated field. Your time is important to us, so we centralize communication through a single tinyEngine Creative Director.

Is a Creative Constellation better than a traditional Agency?

We might be bias, but we think so! There is a lot that is great about a traditional agency model, but in many ways that tradition hasn’t kept up with the innovations in the creative space. The barrier to entry to our field is a lot different than it was even 5 years ago. The fee structure of a traditional agency is also antiquated, and we are passionate about passing those savings on to our clients. What’s more- the best part of working with a Creative Constellation is leveraging the different views, experiences, creative energy of a newly formed team.

Our Clients

tinyEngine is proving to be a force in the creative consulting industry and we look forward to collaborating with them again in the future.

Betsy O'Keeffe, Arena Stage

tinyEngine has helped us to focus, to develop our work, build a narrative arc, and coalesce our ideas to achieve a relatable work of art.

Glade Dance Collective

tinyEngine was an absolute life-saver.

The Baskin Group

Throughout the planning and filming process, the tinyEngine team was incredibly responsive to the input and needs of our staff.

Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater

Seeing tinyEngine in action at our casting call was amazing, they had a phenomenal pool of talent and ran the audition efficiently and very effectively.

Justin Gutwein, In my Tree Filmworks

No one brings a product across the finish line like tinyEngine.

Bad Aditude

See what’s going on

Let’s talk about how we plan.

Let’s talk about how we plan.

Where work gets done, Well
Content as a Language.

Content as a Language.

So- beyond technology, past posts and tweets and filters, in a constantly evolving dialogue how do we make content that…
Getting off the elevator

Getting off the elevator

What’s your elevator pitch?

Our Team


Creative Director


Director of Production


Marketing Associate


Email Marketing




Public Relations

Award Winning Content

Gold Telly Award - Direction
Silver Telly Award - Online Commerical
Bronze Telly Award - Script Writing
The People's Telly Award

Let's Create Your Constellation Together

Your team is different from the others.
Your plans should be too.